Resource Recovery Permit

Tri Rinse is a registered pesticide establishment dedicated to safely handling pesticide containers and providing a range of services to the agricultural chemical industry. Due to the variation in the services provided, Tri Rinse maintains a number of local, state, and federal permits to provide these services.

Permit and Compliance Overview:

  • FIFRA establishment
  • Registered pesticide facility (SARA reporting)
  • DOT facility and M#
  • Operates following ANSI standard
  • RCRA permitted facility (resource recovery)
  • Residual product and process waters are containerized and disposed of at approved treatment storage and disposal facilities (TSDF)

Training and Monitoring:

  • Required OSHA, DOT, EPA, and RCRA training
  • Minimum 8 hour Hazwopper course for all employees
  • Cholinesterese monitoring on all employees
  • Tri Rinse labor certification and training program

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